Perfect timing that I would stumble onto this new device the week after I wrote about Touchcast, because I can see the two going together like chocolate and peanut butter.

The brainchild of a high school media arts teacher, the iOgrapher is a simple, inexpensive shooting rig for your iPad or iPad mini. Pop your device into it, and the side handles give you a much more stable way to hold your iPad, alleviating a good amount of that jerky, hand-held camera shake that plagues most video shot with a tablet or mobile device. It also gives you a tripod mount for the ultimate in stability.

In addition, the iOgrapher features three accessory shoe mounts along the top for things like external microphones and lighting, as well as a 37mm threaded lens mount.

For under $100, the iOgrapher looks like something that can transform your iPad into a pretty decent shooting solution. Together with some good capture and editing software, I bet you could pull off some impressive videos with production value that only a few years ago was unattainable for most people.