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North Haven News on Flipboard

North Haven News Now Available on Flipboard

I’m excited to announce that in addition to the website, North Haven News is now available as a Flipboard magazine! This is something I’ve been working on in the background for a couple of months now, making sure I could keep up with the curation process before announcing it to everyone.

For those of you unfamiliar with Flipboard, it’s an app available for iOS and Android that gives you an elegant and visually beautiful way of browsing content curated from the web and your social networks. I gush about it in a previous blog post, so it should be of no surprise that I would evetuanlly bring North Haven News to the platform.

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Lets Talk About North Haven News

I’d like to talk a little bit about North Haven News – my local news website that I started almost 6 years ago as an experiment in hyperlocal journalism.

I’m a huge fan of video podcasts, and as far back as 2005 you could always find shows like Rocketboom, GeekBrief and Mobuzz TV on my iPod. Today, some of those shows are still around, some have new names and others have disappeared, but my love of the format is just as strong and I still consume about a half-dozen different videos on a daily basis.

Working at a television news station, I knew I could easily launch a similar show of my own, and two years after buying the domain name (yes, it took me that long to work up the courage to do it), the first episode of North Haven News went online with the idea that I would post a new video every other week where I would cover what was making headlines in our town.

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