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Sometimes you do projects not for the money, but because the work is something that excites you and gives you the opportunity to create without deadlines, clients or expectations.

I saw a post from a former Syracuse teammate of mine that he was going to be in Connecticut shooting a video for a new piece of CrossFit equipment. I hadn’t seen him in years and I thought it would be fun to catch up, so I headed over to CrossFit Milford late one night to check things out.

It was cool – I got to hang out with my college buddy again for a few hours, and meet a former Olympian and some members of the current National Gymnastics Team. Even though only briefly, it was fun to reminisce about the sport and count the degrees of separation between us based on guys I used to compete with and their connection to this current generation of athletes.

I also got to see an Epic Red camera up close and personal (video geeks will appreciate this).

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