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App Review: Storehouse

According to their website, Storehouse for iPad claims to be,  “The easiest way to create, share and discover beautiful stories.” I have to say, not only are the stories beautiful…, so is the app itself – but I guess when Apple’s former user experience evangelist and UI designer is involved, that’s to be expected.

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App Review: Horizon

Finally! Someone felt my pain and created an app that forces your video to always be shot horizontally. Never understood why so many shoot video with their phones held vertically. Maybe they all have their televisions turned on their sides?

App Review: Flipboard

I love Flipboard.

If I could only have one app on my iPad, this is it. Flipboard is, quite simply, an elegant and visually beautiful way of browsing content curated from the web and your social networks. Think of it as a constantly evolving magazine made up of all the stuff that interests you.

Flipboard lets readers “easily create sections around topics or people they care about. Choose from Flipboard’s suggested sections on topics such as sports, news, tech and style, with content hand-curated from popular and interesting Twitter feeds. Or, create an entirely new section by searching by topic, person or Twitter list to make Flipboard even more personal.”

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