If Pintrest, Evernote and Flipboard had a baby, this would be it. Called a way to “see your ideas” by its developers, Curator is a visual way to gather, organize and present collections of websites, text and images, which can be arranged on different boards through a simple, elegant interface.

Flipping through boards is done with the swipe of a finger, and tapping on the tiles reveals your content, including websites in the full-screen, built-in browser. Notes you’ve taken about each are accessed with a tap in the lower right; you return to the main board with a tap in the upper left.

I have to admit, I only just installed the app and haven’t really played around with it too much – I was just so struck by it’s design and functionality that I had to share. Lets find out if I have room in my life for another content curation app – one this beautiful certainly deserves a chance at earning a permanent home on my iPad.