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App Review: Horizon

Finally! Someone felt my pain and created an app that forces your video to always be shot horizontally. Never understood why so many shoot video with their phones held vertically. Maybe they all have their televisions turned on their sides?

The MacDaddy

The Birth of a Video Podcast?

My first blog was about my years as a stay-at-home-dad. Blogging was just becoming “a thing,” and Blogger made it easy to publish your own site. I found my niche in a great little SAHD community and maintained the blog for 5 years. Eventually – after my youngest entered kindergarten and I returned to a day-shift and thus couldn’t really call myself a stay-at-home-dad anymore – I stopped posting updates and the blog went dormant in April 2011.

At the same time, I had started North Haven News after falling in love with the video podcasting format. As mentioned in a previous post, North Haven News is still around, but not as a bi-weekly video podcast.

Recently I’ve been playing around with the idea of launching a new video podcast, but unless I can come up with a unique take on a subject, anything I do will feel like a waste of time. I love to bake and I experimented with a couple of cooking videos, but everyone under the sun has a cooking blog. I also love my Apple products, but tech podcasts are a dime a dozen.

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Yearbook Production Blog: Chapter 3

At the end of my previous yearbook production blog post, I said that there was another reason why I use MagCloud for the Ridge Road Elementary School yearbook, and here it is…

Once you upload your final PDF to the site, your publication instantly – and at no additional cost – becomes available to viewers in a variety of digital options. In addition to the printed magazine, you can also view the yearbook on the web using the MacCloud web viewer, on an iPad using the MagCloud app, or you can download a PDF to any iOS, Android or WebOS device.

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