At the end of my previous yearbook production blog post, I said that there was another reason why I use MagCloud for the Ridge Road Elementary School yearbook, and here it is…

Once you upload your final PDF to the site, your publication instantly – and at no additional cost – becomes available to viewers in a variety of digital options. In addition to the printed magazine, you can also view the yearbook on the web using the MacCloud web viewer, on an iPad using the MagCloud app, or you can download a PDF to any iOS, Android or WebOS device.

“MagCloud is the first self-publishing service to offer customers the choice to distribute a wide range of content as free or paid publications via professional quality print, our web-based viewer, in the HP MagCloud iPad app or as a downloadable PDF on a computer or other mobile device.”

Given the proliferation of digital devices, I thought parents and students would appreciate these extra options. It’s also nice to know that at any given point in the future – if your yearbook was lost or damaged – you can download (or print) a new copy. Additionally, for those students who might not otherwise be able to afford the $10 for the print version, a free downloadable digital version exists.

Most kids today are carrying around iPods, iPhones, iPads, Kindles, etc. Although there’s nothing quite like holding a copy of your yearbook in your hands and leafing through the pages, the ability of carry around your entire collection of elementary school yearbooks in your pocket seems pretty cool to me.