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The MacDaddy Teaser

Trying to push this new video podcast concept to the next level, I created an animated show open that would run at the front of each episode. I wanted there to be no doubt who these tutorials were being aimed at, and I think this animation achieves that in a fun, visually interesting way. With nods to Apple products – from the “powering up” sound effect at the beginning, to the stripping of the “genius” factor from the black t-shirt at the end – hopefully I’ve gotten across the message that this is a show geared toward the everyday Apple user and their families.

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The MacDaddy

The Birth of a Video Podcast?

My first blog was about my years as a stay-at-home-dad. Blogging was just becoming “a thing,” and Blogger made it easy to publish your own site. I found my niche in a great little SAHD community and maintained the blog for 5 years. Eventually – after my youngest entered kindergarten and I returned to a day-shift and thus couldn’t really call myself a stay-at-home-dad anymore – I stopped posting updates and the blog went dormant in April 2011.

At the same time, I had started North Haven News after falling in love with the video podcasting format. As mentioned in a previous post, North Haven News is still around, but not as a bi-weekly video podcast.

Recently I’ve been playing around with the idea of launching a new video podcast, but unless I can come up with a unique take on a subject, anything I do will feel like a waste of time. I love to bake and I experimented with a couple of cooking videos, but everyone under the sun has a cooking blog. I also love my Apple products, but tech podcasts are a dime a dozen.

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Ring Thing Logo Design

Sometimes you do projects not for the money, but because the work is something that excites you and gives you the opportunity to create without deadlines, clients or expectations.

I saw a post from a former Syracuse teammate of mine that he was going to be in Connecticut shooting a video for a new piece of CrossFit equipment. I hadn’t seen him in years and I thought it would be fun to catch up, so I headed over to CrossFit Milford late one night to check things out.

It was cool – I got to hang out with my college buddy again for a few hours, and meet a former Olympian and some members of the current National Gymnastics Team. Even though only briefly, it was fun to reminisce about the sport and count the degrees of separation between us based on guys I used to compete with and their connection to this current generation of athletes.

I also got to see an Epic Red camera up close and personal (video geeks will appreciate this).

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